Ding All Epoxy Resin 24oz. 3pk Of Resin & Hardener

Ding All Epoxy Resin 24oz. 3pk Of Resin & Hardener


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SURFBOARD RESIN REPAIR KIT: Specifically designed for surfboards construction and repairs this resin is easy to use. It is mixed in a ratio of 2 parts resin and 1-part hardener. The set comes complete with the correct amount of parts to make a total of 24 FL oz POPULAR CHOICE FOR SURFBOARD REPAIR: Ding All Epoxy Resin Kit is a popular choice among professionals for ding repairs and epoxy surfboard repair because of its exceptionally high strength, low odor while curing and a working time of around 30 minutes CURING TIME: The epoxy resin has a 30 - minute working time, 2 to 3 hours of gel time and 6 to 8 hours full cure figured at 77 F. The curing speed may change based on colder or warmer temperatures. The resin and has no harmful VOS’s during cure, is better for the environment HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: The Ding All Resin is Ultra Clear- Nano Technology, UV Stable to help prevent yellowing, allows easy sanding, is used for ultra strong and bright lamination and hot coats. The product has low viscosity, low bubble retention and has an excellent high gloss, mirror-like finish ORIGINAL SURFBOARD EPOXY RESIN KIT: The Original Choice for Surfboard builders Ding All 24 Ounces Epoxy Resin Kit is Made in USA and is voted #1 Choice by Board Builders

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