Apex 53" Kale Batwing Carbon

Apex 53" Kale Batwing Carbon


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The Kale Troha BATWING Pro Model is a first of its kind. You can consider the BATWING a hybrid between the Apex fish & the Jack 10-E shapes. It’s 5/8 in the nose and tail with a 3/4 center tapered. This board has a wide mid-section which gives it tons of float to make it out to some very far out waves. what gets exciting is the tail! The Batwing tail is designed to reliably shred liners or big open faced wrap-able waves. With this tail you’re really able to hold your speed on small or large liners and drive down the face of waves while having control of your rail, but also having the freedom to use the points of the tail to dig in and make some really nice turns or snaps down the face. Also on open faced wrap-able days the center point of the tail works just like your basic pintail if not better!! It grabs the wave and let’s you lock into that sweet spot while maintaining drive through the pocket of the barrel. To whom decides to give this board a shot. I think you’ll be very gratified with its performance and most likely will be your favorite board in your skim quiver! -Kale Troha

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