2024 WBZ Surf Classic

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place results of the 2024 WBZ Surf Classic held Sunday May 19th 2024!

 Groms 12 and under
1st place: Piper Pharr 2nd place: Lolly Newlin 3rd place: Oliver Caver
 Jr. Short board Girls 13-17
1st place: Saige Pharr 2nd place: Phare Newlin 3rd place: Piper Pharr
Jr. Shortboard Boys 13-17
Mens Shortboard 18-30
1st plae: Tommy Printiss 2nd place: Eric Post 3rd place: Jose Carvallho
Masters 31-40
1st place: Gabriel Pereira 2nd place: Ian Greenwell 3rd place: Adam White
Women Shortboard 18 and up
1st place: Taylor Green 2nd place: Julia Costa 3rd place: Saige Pharr
Longboard Mens 18 and up
1st place: Nick Hasting 2nd place: Nathan Howell 3rd place: Tommy Printiss
Longboard Womens 18 and up
1st place: Hannah Craig 2nd place: Maggie Carver 3rd place: Cora Hasting
Jr. Longboard 17 and under 
1st place: Nick Hasting 2nd place: Cora Hasting 3rd place: Angelo Colabianchi
Legends 41 and up
1st place: Yancy Spencer IV 2nd place: Charlie Schuler 3rd place: Clark Allen
1st place: Ian Greenwell 2nd place: Tommy Printiss 3rd place: Finn Dennis