In 1988 Waterboyz Surfboards was born. Once Sean Fell shaped his first board, word got around and soon he had friends and other surfers asking him for their own custom boards. Sean branded his shapes under Waterboyz, a name he and his friends had been carrying for years. By 1989, Waterboyz was a full-fledged business with Sean shaping surfboards and a full roster of team riders testing his creations and giving him feedback. Soon, shaping out of garages wasn’t cutting it, and Waterboyz Surfboards moved to a real factory with board building, ding repair, and screen printing all under one roof. Sean was the only shaper until 1994, when Rick Bullock a long time friend and head shaper at Spectrum Surfboards came aboard. Now with two shapers, Waterboyz was able to grow into the surfboard brand it is today. Sean and Rick still shape boards daily and are not only creating your classic poly surfboards, but are also pushing the limits of surfboard technology and materials. Between the both of them, they have over sixty years of experience shaping and producing one-off custom boards. After the unfortunate downfall of Clark Foam in 2005, Waterboyz has been testing the boundaries of epoxy boards. Sean and Rick build boards with or without stringers, carbon fiber rails, bamboo inlays, and use vacuum bagging as one of the processes in laminating their shapes.


  • We offer professional ding repair on surfboards, skimboards, & paddleboards.
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