Winter Classic 2019

winter classic
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Photos provided by David Chism

Waterboyz Winter Classic 2019!

After a painful 6 weeks of contest delays we were finally able to host the 2019 Winter Classic on January 4th, 2020. After postponing the contest the Friday the 3rd, shop managers Cody and Antonio along with owner Sean checked the surf Saturday at 6am and said lets finally run this thing. It was decided that the smartest move would be to do the money round, BRO AM, first while the waves were at their largest. Surprisingly, the surf held up throughout the duration of the contest. Thanks to our many sponsors, this year was the largest prize pool ever collected for our money round. Naples, Florida surfer Sterling Foster took home 1st place, along with $1500! Word is while working a job in Destin, Sterling caught wind of the contest from a grom so headed over to Pensacola. Locals, Chuck Taylor and Tommy Printiss placed 2nd & 3rd. 

Overall, it was a beautiful day to hold the contest! Adam White of Upper Room Church along with Christian Surfers helped with contest set up, tear down, and provided refreshments for surfers and spectators. Pensacola surfers Matt Vasilou, and Steveo Clark MC'd the event providing hilarious commentary and epic tunes! Throughout the day the contest featured judges Sean Fell, Ben Martin, Leason Dancaeson, Rafael Coelho, Addam Pollack, Rip Hanks, and Clark Allen.

Contest Results:

Bro Am:

1st Sterling Foster, 2nd Chuck Taylor, 3rd Tommy Printiss

Men's Shortboard:

1st Zack Mignot, 2nd Tommy Printiss, 3rd Bryce Nichols

Women's Shortboard:

1st Taylor Green, 2nd Abigail Remke, 3rd Kelly West

Men's Longboard:

1st Zack Mignot, 2nd Steven Adams, 3rd Charlie Schuler

Women's Longboard:

1st Kelly West, 2nd Abigail Remke


1st Ian Greenwell, 2nd Chuck Taylor, 3rd Leason Dancaeson


1st Mike Litvak, 2nd Clark Allen, 3rd Tod Bancell

Junior Shortboard:

1st Liam Litvak, 2nd Taylor Green, 3rd Noah Allen


1st Finn Allen, 2nd Noah Allen, 3rd Liam Litvak


1st Koa Porto, 2nd Dusty Rezner, 3rd Steve Adams