TC Skate Jam

On September 17th we held our annual TC Skate Jam. For the past 10+ years we have held this contest in honor of TC McCoy. For many people, it’s just another exciting contest with cool prizes and talented skaters, however, it means so much more than that.
As we enter this season of thanks, giving, and love, we wanted to share a message from one of the hearts behind this event, WBZ team rider and one of TCs best friends, @chasemarcanio 
“He had a smile that could make anyone’s bad day better, he had a way of talking to people that gave off sincerity and genuinely cared for people. He was outgoing, always finding ways to laugh and have a good time. He had passion for the things he loved and was never afraid to try something new. When it came to his skateboarding thought it was undeniable that he was naturally talented. He could have done anything he wanted to in life. Most importantly he had love, he received it by all his friends and family but he also had a lot of it to give. He was determined to do something great with his life, give it as much meaning as possible. He left an impacted on us all, 13 years later we are still honoring him and his legacy, for someone who was just about to turn 16 years old, he meant so much to so many and it was an honor to be as close to him as I was. I wish I had more things of us to look back on, as the years go memories get hazy and things weren’t like they are now. I’d never change it for anything, the time we lived together was special and I’ll never forget the person Tc was, and still is. I know he looks down at us and smiles everyday. Living through us all in a special way. He was the best human and I feel like I could go on and on but as long as we continue to love and cherish him things will be just fine."
It’s not just a skate contest. It’s a memory and a love we will continue to keep alive in everything we do 🖤
We skate for TC