All of the proceeds of the Waterboyz Winter classic will be donated to FIRST RIDE.

First Ride gives underprivileged kids the opportunity to participate in surfing, skating, or skimboarding. All while cultivating the proper values and morals.

Xceptional Surfers

Riley Stevens 3rd
Justin Andrews 2nd
Alan Garrone 1st.
Ron Gillette 3rd
Jake Stepp 2nd
Johnny McGreggor 1st
Byson Hadashelt 3rd
Zac Flitcraft 2nd
Finn Allen 1st
Liam Litvak 3rd
Mason Mott 2nd
Taylor Green 1st.
Jr. Womens
Tori Corey 3rd
Taylor Green 2nd
Abigail Remke 1st
Abigail Remke 3rd
Tori Corey 2nd
Taylor Green 1st
Jr. Mens
Ryder Bullen 3rd
Josh Green 2nd
Nathan Howell 1st
Longboard Women
Tori Corey 3rd
Kelly West 2nd
Abigail Remke 1st
Longboard Jr. Men
Nathan Howell 3rd
Koa Porto 2nd
Mason Mott 1st
Longboard Men
Tommy Printiss 3rd
Mike Litvak 2nd
Steveo Clark 1st
Keir Garrett 3rd
Matt Young 2nd
Tommy Printiss 1st
Eric Worley 3rd
Bryce Nichols 2nd
Metro 1st
Grand Masters
Matt D'Olive 3rd
Lee Howell 2nd
Mike Litvak 1st
Open BroAm
Jake Smith 3rd
Gabriel Perie (Metro) 2nd
Ben Vincent 1st

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